Wider Quaker Gatherings

St Lawrence Regional Gathering May 27-28. Online. No cost. The St Lawrence Region is comprised of Peterboough MM, Ottawa MM, Thousand Islands MM, Wooler MM and Montreal MM. Full details in this PDF. Friends General Conference Gathering July 2 – 9. Online. Cost involved. Canandian Yearly Meeting is one of the many North American Yearly… Continue reading Wider Quaker Gatherings

Upcoming Wider Quaker Events (Feb 21 onward)

These are upcoming on-line events hosted by Canadian Yearly Meeting (CYM) and Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC). Hope as a Practice:  Registration is now open for this 2-part spirit-led workshop series that is being offered by CYM Education & Outreach, and facilitated by Woodbrooke Quaker Learning on March 19 & April 2. More details, including how… Continue reading Upcoming Wider Quaker Events (Feb 21 onward)

Feb 5th News

The Zoom link for our hybrid meetings:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84991562973?pwd=d0ZBSElWQkVZb2k4WVhBOFZPZm9zdz09 Please come a few minutes early if possible, so that we can centre down by 11. Meeting will be followed by a sharing of afterthoughts and joys and sorrows that may have been on our hearts during Meeting, announcements. Schedule for Meetings for Worship  Here are the… Continue reading Feb 5th News