PMM May News

Mark June 11-12 on your calendar for Regional Gathering. It’s online. The session on the Friday will be brief. We don’t yet have exact times for Saturday, but it may be most of the day. A program for children and youth is in the works (in breakaway rooms). Rumour says the theme will be about water. It’s an opportunity to share spiritual journey and insights with Friends from Montréal, Ottawa, maybe Wooler, and Thousand Islands (Kingston).

There is a special edition of the Yonge Street Monthly Meeting newsletter, with a summary of the talk by Wes Daniels during the recent Half Yearly online gathering, a link to his recorded talk, and other resources.

Get to Know Thee, Friend: The monthly celebration of 90 years of Canadian friends Service Committee: this month the last Thursday is May 27, and the Friend we get to know is Elaine Bishop. Register at Some of us really enjoyed what Jane Orion had to say at the last one, and you can watch the recording here:

Camp NeeKauNis sent a newsletter: of course the pandemic still has the camp in lockdown. The committee is working on several scenarios. If you need a special time with your family for a low fee, or a work time with swims in the heat of the summer, check with them. It’s very beautiful up there.

We will probably keep mentioning this one: Friends General Conference: “Way Will Open – 2021 FGC Gathering June 27-July 3, 2021; a virtual gathering”

I know as soon as I send this, other matters will come up in the Quaker world and locally. I am collecting names of anyone interested in shifts at a possible noon to 3 pm dining place for those who pick up the One Roof meals and have nowhere to go to eat them out of the weather. As Martha says, there’s nothing worse than a soggy sandwich. It could start as soon as June 1. At this moment we do not yet have details.

Also the Unitarians are in need of commitment from people willing to assist with a refugee family’s settlement (the money part really does sound as if it is in place) later in the year. I can put you in touch with them if you’d like to know more.

Margaret Slavin, Clerk