Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

Peterborough Monthly Meeting
Peterborough, Ontario   CANADA

NOTE: During the COVID-19 emergency we  meet via Zoom on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th (when occurring) Sundays of the month. Contact (705) 749-1544 or   for  the URL.
   We meet in person (masked) at Activity Haven, Barnardo Ave, Peterborough at 11 am on Oct 25th, Nov 8th, Nov 22nd, Dec 13th,  and Dec 27th.

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Sunday Meeting 11 am - 12 pm  
(Check  calendar for  July & Aug dates/places)
Sadleir House    
751 George St 
Peterborough, Ontario
(map link)

Bus: Route 1 George St N  (schedule)
Parking: at Sadleir House, on George St (one-way going south) below Parkhill, or on Water St (one-way going north) between Parkhill and Barnardo.  If you park in the bike lane on George St,  the city will ticket you.

Brown bag lunch every 1st Sunday of the month after Meeting followed by a discussion.
Potluck Lunch every other 4th Sunday after meeting.

All are welcome.  Children's program is open to the community.

Last updated:  March  2020

More Information: 
(705) 749-1544

About Our Meeting

As of mid-August, 2012, we became a Monthly Meeting. We also now have charitable status.  We are able to accept memberships and to take marriages under our care.  

We do not have a Meeting House. This is not unusual for smaller meetings or worship groups. We are of sufficient numbers, however, that meeting in someone's home is not always practical (though we have our summer meetings at homes). We therefore rent space weekly on Sunday at Sadleir House, and find that the former library space has a warm, welcoming feel to it.. We are able to store our sign, information kit, and tea kit at the facility.

We have a library of Quaker-related books under the care of  Mary and Greg Conchelos, also stored at Sadleir House.

Those who attend come from as far away as Lindsay and Hastings. Some of us are close enough to bicycle or bus (there is a stop at the first corner south of Sadleir House). We are all mindful of the environmental impact of the automobile in these times so carpooling or multi-purpose trips are common.

We have an active outreach/program committee who plans our discussion topics and events. Times and places for these are listed in our calendar.

Our mailing address:
Peterborough Monthly Meeting
PO Box 40033 Charlotte PO
Peterborough, ON  K9J8R9

More about our history and relationship to Wooler.

Children's Program

We offer a program for children every Sunday on request. Parents may go out with the children, or join in with the silent Meeting. We seek to nurture the inner sense of Spirit through a positive experience in trust and creative activity, with some silent time and sharing time.

On fourth Sundays we offer the Earthcare curriculum. At present we are following a guide called Let the Earth Teach Thee, with 5 basic themes: Web of Life, Creation, Exploration, Appreciation, and Preservation.

At all times the program for children includes playful learning, stories, singing and/or outdoor exploration and cooperative games. If possible please let us know that you are coming.  Check the 
 calendar for specific dates.  For details please phone  705-749-1544
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Quaker Meeting For Worship


We meet in a great task when we meet in worship, no less than to realize the Divine Presence and to create an atmosphere in which that Presence and Power can touch us into fuller life.  Once we remember this, we cannot but approach the occasion with reverent humility and the desire that nothing on our part may hinder or disturb. It is something holy and wonderful we are trying to build up together – the consciousness of the Presence with us here and the reality of communion with God.

Quaker worship is based on the silence of waiting in expectancy. In the still spirit of the Meeting we reach down beyond our deepest selves to the very ground of our being, to come nearer to each other and to God. We do not worship in isolation but try to hold an awareness of all those gathered with us, uniting in a common purpose. That common purpose is not expressed through the recitation of a creed, the singing of hymns, the repetition of set prayers, under the leadership of a minister, but rather through waiting and listening which becomes an act of sharing in which we are all ministers.

Waiting and listening may lead someone to offer a spoken contribution which will deepen and enrich the worship. Anyone is free to speak, pray or read an appropriate passage aloud provided it is done in response to a prompting of the Spirit which comes in the course of the Meeting. Listen to what is said in an open-minded, charitable spirit. If something is said that does not speak to your condition or need, try to reach the spirit behind the words. The speaker wants to help the Meeting; take care not to reject the offering by negative criticism.

Do not be discouraged by any failure in concentration. See the reassurance offered by St. Francis de Sales: “When your heart is wandering and distracted, bring it back quickly to its point, restore it tenderly to its Master’s side, and if you did but nothing else the whole of your hour but bring your heart back patiently and put it near our Lord again, and every time you put it back it turned away again, your hour would be well-employed.”

In the centre of the circle there is a Bible together with anthologies of Quaker writings about our experiences with God, each other, and the wider society. These may be used as a focus for spoken ministry or for spiritual reflection. There is also a collection of Advices and Queries which serve to remind us of the fundamental issues we are invited to consider on our spiritual journeys. There may be a reading of some of these, once the Meeting has begun to settle down. In the quietness of a Quaker Meeting those present can become aware of a deep and powerful spirit of love and truth that transcends their ordinary experience.

The Meeting will end after one hour with a handshake. In Peterborough, it is our custom to hold hands for a brief moment in a circle as a symbol of our unity. We then take a few minutes to share various thoughts. Some of them will have arisen during the course of the Meeting but did not lead to vocal ministry. This is also an opportunity to share concerns, both personal and social, and those moments of joy we have experienced. These contributions are received in a worshipful manner, often with a few moments of silence in order to fully appreciate them.

The presence of newcomers and visitors is greeted with a round of introductions, followed by announcements. Every one is then invited to stay for a cup of tea, review the literature on the table and socialize. On the second and fourth Sundays we need to be out of the building by 1 pm so staff can continue their day elsewhere.  On the first Sundays we have a meeting for disucussion and  on third  Sundays we have our Meeting for Worship for Business, each beginning by 1 pm.

While Quakers are committed to an encounter with the Divine Presence in both the Meeting for Worship and in their daily lives, they express this in different ways. Each of us brings our own life’s experiences to meeting. Some will have a profound sense of awe and wonder because they know God is present. Others will be far less certain. They may only be ready to hold an awareness that their experiences in life point beyond themselves to a great whole. Some will thankfully accept God’s inexhaustible love shown in Jesus Christ, the promise of forgiveness and the setting aside of past failure. Others will know that to seek to be open to people in a spirit of love and trust is the direction in which they want to move. Despite the different ways in which we may account for this life-expanding experience, we seek to become united in love and strengthened by truth so that we enter a new level of living.

Thank you for coming. Your interest and presence will have contributed to our sense of unity and truth, and we hope you may wish to learn more about the many ways in which Quakers have experienced and responded to the Divine Presence. Please feel free to share your own experiences, concerns, and queries. Pamphlets are available on the table; there are also list of books and videos which can be borrowed or purchased.

If child care responsibilities make it difficult for you to continue to worship with us, please let us know and we will offer a programme for the children.

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Other Activities

Wednesday Evening Worship Sharing. This group meets on the second Wednesday of every month in Rose Chapel at Princess Gardens (100 Charlotte St, Peterborough).  It is open to the senior residents and anyone  else who would like to attend.  Out of the silence attenders share their thoughts, feelings and/or insights on the topic chosen by the group at the end  of the last session.  The facilitator for the next meeting also volunteers at that time.  Contact  for  more information.

 World Religions Discussion Group  This group meets about every two months to discuss aspects of various religions.  It has had sessions on the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Quran. It has also watched related videos.  We welcome new participants and topic suggestions.  Contact Greg Conchelos at for more information and/or to be put on the group's email list for future events.

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Further Quaker Links

Information about the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

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Canadian Quakers 
Canadian Yearly Meeting is the corporate body of Friends in Canada. It meets annually to discuss national issues and make decisions. 
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Canadian Friends Service Committee acts on the peace and social justice concerns of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Canada.
To donate directly to the Canadian Friends Service Committee securely on the web, go to this page at  Many other charities are also registered there and you immediately get an electronic receipt you can use for your income tax return for the amount you donate. There is a 3% transaction fee deducted from the money (which covers credit card transaction fees, bank charges, etc.) before it goes to the charity, so you may want to consider that in the amount you donate.

Other Quaker Organizations

Unprogrammed meetings meet in silence.  Programmed meetings will accompany a period of silence with other activities such as singing and sermons.

A list of unprogrammed Friends Meetings in North America 
Friends General Conference 
A North American organization of unprogrammed meetings, providing resources and education. Canadian Yearly Meeting is affiliated with FGC. 
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A North American organization of programmed Quaker churches. Canadian Yearly Meeting is affiliated with FUM.   
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Our History And Relationship to Wooler MM

Wooler Meeting HousePeterborough Monthly Meeting started as a worship group under the care of Wooler Monthly Meeting meeting twice a month in attenders' homes. (All members in the group held their membership in the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) with Wooler Monthly Meeting.  Those who attend Peterborough meeting  are always welcome to attend Wooler meetings (held on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month)).

Every other year Wooler MM has a candle-light carol sing in the meeting house the Saturday evening before Christmas and a number of us like to carpool to attend that.

The group grew until it became impractical to always meet in homes. One of our members was connected with Trent University and was able to inquire about and finalize arrangements to rent the Traill College Lecture Hall every Sunday during the school months. We continued to meet at attenders' homes during the summer months, where we could often meet outside.

At roughly the same time, our attendance numbers approached and even surpassed those for Wooler Monthly Meeting. Although it had been suggested that we become a Monthly Meeting of our own, many of us remained reluctant to plunge right away into regular monthly meetings for worship for business, especially since it has seemed that we did not have much business anyway. The alternative was to test the waters of more formal structure by becoming an Allowed Meeting under the care of Wooler Monthly Meeting. Over the subsequent years the presence of  serious inquirers who wanted to learn more about Quakerism led us to schedule regular discussion groups.The influence of these same serious inquirers led us to also engage in more community-building activities within the group as well as some outreach activities.

In 2010 we seriously looked into becoming a Monthly Meeting.  The group again did not feel it was ready.  We agreed to revisit the matter in a year's time.  Doing so in the fall of 2011, we decided to become a Monthy Meeting.  The matter was brought forth and approved in the 2012 Canadian Yearly Meeting.